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You should sign up your child, or schools can sign up their students if they:
• Want their students/child to develop good study habits;
• Believe the student/child is smart but sometimes lacks motivation to push harder and achieve his/her full potential;
• Want students to turbo-charge their grades in mathematics and improve their problem-solving skills regardless of any kind of Maths curriculum used in school;
• Are worried about children’s excessive computer time which is often spent in playing games and watching online videos.

Benefits for Children
KooBits ProblemSums is designed to help children, day-to-day, and through interesting online learning, to gain exposure, improve and excel in:
• Maths Problem Solving / Problem Sums skills
• Heuristics skills
• Higher Order Thinking maths questions and non-routine questions
• Singapore Maths and Maths Olympiad
• Preparation for various maths competitions/ Olympiads

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