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KooBits Platinum Package allows access to ProblemSums with advanced Word Problems, ability to set Homework and free participation in KooBits Maths Challenge! 

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Price inclusive of admin charges
(Please include your Mobile Number in the “Instructions to merchant/Note to seller” during checkout)

Pay by Cheque, Cash Deposit or Direct Bank-in:

For manual registration & payment by Cheque, Cash Deposit or Direct Bank-in, kindly fill-up the KooBits Registration Form with complete details, then email the form back to, together with your bank-in slip.

Please make payment by Direct Bank-In / Cash / Cheque payable to SMO ONLINE PLT, and bank-in to our MAYBANK account no.: MBB 5122 2263 3511.

* Payable in advance for full calendar year ** For further enquiry, kindly fill-up the Enquiry Form or call us at 012-2959 766. Thank you.

Recommended Levels:

• Level 1 for 6-7 yo
• Level 2 for 8-9 yo
• Level 3 for 9-10 yo
• Level 4 for 10-11 yo
• Level 5 for 11-12 yo
• Level 6 for 12-13 yo