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What is KooBits?



KooBits ProblemSums is an online mathematics learning portal for students. It features a comprehensive collection of challenging Math problems. It aims to enable all students to acquire mathematics concepts and skills for everyday use and continuous learning in mathematics, develop thinking and reasoning skills through an engaging mathematical approach to problem solving, and build confidence and generate greater interest in mathematics among students.

It is one of the top online Maths learning systems in Singapore. It personalises Maths learning, using Big Data algorithms, for each child through a set of customised daily activities designed based on each individual child’s learning profile. The software tools are intuitive, interactive, media-rich and highly motivating.

KooBits is suitable for students aged 7-14 years old.


KooBits ProblemSums Sample Questions
We encourage schools to place order on KooBits Platinum Package in bulk. As part of our corporate social responsibility, SMO Group will contribute 5% to your school on the total collection. Let’s help our students step closer to higher achievements & exposure in HOTS / KBAT. Not just that, they can also use KooBits ProblemSums to help them narrow the gap between their current knowledge and any maths assessments/ competitions/ Olympiads.

For more information on KooBits, kindly call SMO consultants at 012-2959 766.

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