What is the KooBits Maths Challenge?
The KooBits Maths Challenge is a very unique nationwide online maths contest for 6-14 year old students in Malaysia.

The KooBits Challenge is highly engaging and motivating to children. It uses the latest technology to design personalized, daily learning activities to help children to develop effective study habits, acquire problem solving skills and life skills, and learn Singapore Maths and Maths Olympiad methods and approaches.

This contest has over 30,000 active subscribers in Singapore.

Meanwhile there are 6 levels for each season:
• Level 1 for 6-7 yo
• Level 2 for 8-9 yo
• Level 3 for 9-10 yo
• Level 4 for 10-12 yo
• Level 5 for 11-13 yo
• Level 6 for 12-14 yo



How is KooBits Maths Challenge different from Traditional Maths competitions?

Traditional Maths competition KooBits Maths Challenge
Usually a single-day event Year-round; 4 seasons in a year, each lasts 3 months
Only the top maths students to participate Open to all 6-14 year old students
Usually paper-based Online challenge, can work almost anywhere, anytime
Focused on assessment and competition Focused on training and grooming
It’s about how good your child is It’s about how good you want your child to be
Individual effort Individual activities + social and collaborative learning
Learn to work effectively with others. Students can challenge their peers and earn points
Usually stressful and pressure-filled Fun, motivating and enjoyable process
  • Recall concepts learned in the past
  • Attempt to answer 20 to 50 test questions either written or oral
  • Students from same year level attempt same set of questions
  •  Improves skills everyday
  • Get access to more than 65,000 questions and 700 skills
  • Provide multiple pathways in an open and inclusive system which develops different talents in each child
  • Learn to have confidence to deal with problems that have no clear-cut solutions
  • Good exposure to Singapore Maths and Maths Olympiad questions, as well as easy-to-understand solutions


KooBits Challenge Rules and Contest Format
There are 4 seasons in a year, and each season is 3 months long.

What is included in the program?
• Daily Challenge questions (progressively following the Singapore MOE Maths curriculum)
• Peer Challenge questions 
• Collaborative and social interaction with other players to form teams and compete in groups
• Detailed easy-to-understand solution for every question. This online contest is also a training tool for students to learn from the solutions

Participants will be assigned with personalized sets of daily activities or tasks. They earn points by completing these learning tasks independently. They can also challenge each other to improve fluency in core competencies.
(Daily Challenges + Peer Challenges => Earning Challenge Points)

There are two (2) categories of Winners or Leader Boards for each of the 6 Levels:

The Hero of the Day – the student(s) with the highest points for each level, within each day will gain the privilege of being picked as the grand prize winners at the end-of-season lucky draw.

The Top Brain – the student(s) with the highest points for each level, within each season will be awarded certificates.

Throughout the season, leader boards would display the current leader(s) of each of the above categories. This will provide added excitement and motivation, and opportunities to win honours for the children as well as the parents, teachers and the schools.